Asset-based lending to finance real estate properties

The Funding Zone Asset Based loan program is designed for real estate investment properties where the loan repayment is primarily secured by equity in the property and does not rely on the property’s current cash flow. This loan program is geared toward borrowers that may not otherwise qualify for loans on their property due to self-employment, no experience renting property, poor credit, foreign nationality, or any other borrower related reason.

Loan Size$300,000 – $5,000,000
LTV Max / DSCR Min 70% / 1.10x Globally
Rate Adjustments Fixed Term, Credit Score, Loan Size, Market Size
Amortization / Term 3, 5-Year Fixed Rate/Term, 20-Year Amortization
Prepayment Premiums 2-Year Lock Out
Property Types Investor Single Family Residential, Multi- Family, Retail, Light Industrial, Office, Self Storage, Warehouse, Commercial Condo, Flex Space. Limited Special Purpose
Borrower Types Individuals, Corporations, LLCs, Foreign Nationals. (Some loans require single entity LLC)
Recourse Required
Minimum Credit Score 500
Lender Fees 1-3%



Alternative to Bank

Funding Zone’s innovative Alternative to Bank (A2B) programs provide capital to borrowers seeking unmatched real estate financing without the time, paperwork, and uncertainty of bank loans.