Funding Programs

  • ACH Banking & Funding

    Most ACH Banking and Cash Advance companies require you to process credit cards in order to fund your business. Is there an alternative? This is where our ACH Bank Funding Program comes into play.

  • Asset Based Lending

    The Funding Zone Asset Based loan program is designed for real estate investment properties where the loan repayment is primarily secured by equity in the property and does not rely on the property’s current cash flow.

    This loan program is geared toward borrowers that may not otherwise qualify for loans on their property due to self-employment, no experience renting property, poor credit, foreign nationality, or any other borrower related reason.

  • Line Of Credit

    We’ve simplified small business lending. Get approved for up to $250,0001 and withdraw working capital. You’ll only pay only for what you use.


    Instead of one-time loans, Funding Zone offers ongoing lines of credit1 up to $250,000. You can use any increment.

  • Term Loans

    All you need to do to see your business term loan options is spend about 15 minutes answering questions in our free online application. You’ll be asked to enter information about your credit score, time in business, and collateral. You may also need to upload your P&L statements or bank statements to show your revenue.

    Once approved, you can access your funds in as little as 24 hours.

  • Unsecured Business Loans

    Our unsecured business loans provide capital and needed cash flow. Loan amounts and payment plans are based on your daily sales. You may be eligible for an unsecured business loan or cash advance from $5,000 to $1,000,000.